Account Management

ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT is where you'll find all the resources you need to set up and manage your BC OnLine Account.


You can open a BC OnLine account by following the new application form wizard. A completed application form can be printed, signed, and sent to BC OnLine administration for processing. You will need to provide business, user and banking information.

Click here to open a BC OnLine account.


You can use the BC OnLine Account Management System to manage your account and user ID information, update your fax number, and print account statements.

To access the Account Management System:
  1. Sign in to your BC OnLine Account
  2. Select ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT from the list of applications
  3. Select one of the listed functions:
    1. Account or User ID Management
    2. Print Account Statement
    3. Chequebook
    4. Product Delivery Options
    5. Download CSV File

You can use the BC OnLine Change Form wizard to change other account information.


For security reasons, you may wish to change your password. New passwords must be 6 to 8 characters in length, and you cannot use the same password twice. For additional new password rules, please click here.

Click here to change your password.


BC OnLine's Deposit Account system provides a simple, direct way to pay for searches and registrations performed through BC OnLine, as well as way to pay for government services over the counter. See the Deposit Account System User Guide for detailed information and help.

You can update your Electronic Funds Transfer account information using the BC OnLine Change Form wizard.


The BC OnLine Deposit Account allows you to maintain your account through Automatic Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), Electronic Cheque, and PC Banking. You can "top up" your BC OnLine account on-demand and while you are online. [more info]


Currently, there are a number of credit card service filings available via Corporate Online.

For security of transactions, BC OnLine uses the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol, which encrypts information you send to us over the Internet. BC OnLine also requires you use a browser that supports 128-bit encryption for credit card purchases. This encryption process protects your personal information such as your name and credit card number from someone monitoring Internet traffic.

For security of your credit card, BC OnLine will only store the first and last four digits of the card number along with the authorization number for the transaction. The Corporate Registry does not store any credit card identification.

For confirmation of the payment, you have the option of receiving an e-mail receipt for credit card transactions.

Note: Credit cards may NOT be used as a payment method for other services on your BC OnLine account.


YOUR BC ONLINE DEPOSIT ACCOUNT provides a simple, direct way to pay for a number of government services. Any authorized person can request that the cost of a supported service to be debited from their BC OnLine account. Each participating ministry or agency decides how requests for service can be made (in person, over the telephone, by fax, etc.) To prevent the improper use of your BC OnLine debit account, you can choose a secret 'verification word.'

You can change your verification word using the BC OnLine Change Form wizard.


If you order products that are delivered to your BC OnLine Mailbox, you can choose your delivery option. By default, BC OnLine is set up to deliver products to your BC OnLine User Mailbox. If you want products delivered to your organization's BC OnLine Account Mailbox, or to an e-mail address, go into the Account Management System from the BC OnLine main menu (as shown above), and select "Product Delivery Options".

  Using the BC OnLine Change Form Wizard  

A Prime Contact or Contact can now request changes to their account by following the new change form wizard. A completed change form can be printed, signed, and sent to BC OnLine administration for implementation. This new wizard can be accessed by:

  • choosing Account Management on the BC OnLine Main Menu
  • choosing Change Existing Account on the Account Management sub-menu
Click here to login to BC OnLine.