BC OnLine Products

BC OnLine offers easy access to a wide range of information products. These include access to British Columbia Provincial and Municipal Government information. Select any product of interest from the list below for more information.

To purchase the products below, you will need to open a BC OnLine account and set up a deposit account which will manage your payments. More information about becoming a BC OnLine customer is found in the Account Setup section. (Note: Court Services Online and some Corporate Online products can be purchased with a credit card. The Court Services website is at https://justice.gov.bc.ca/cso/index.do and the Corporate Online website is at www.corporateonline.gov.bc.ca.)


Court Services Online (CSO) allows you to perform searches and electronically file documents in all court locations. In addition to searching, customers can also purchase court documents through BC OnLine.

CSO Search - Searching in Court Services Online provides you with information regarding the following matters in British Columbia:

  • Small Claims
  • Provincial and Supreme civil court files in British Columbia
  • Provincial Criminal court files
  • Court of Appeal
When you purchase manually filed court documents through BC OnLine, Court Services Online will deliver these documents by mail or by fax. Email delivery is not available for manually filed documents.

When you purchase electronically filed court documents, you will be able to download an electronic copy of the document through BC OnLine.

CSO Filing - Customers may submit electronic versions of their documents through BC OnLine to any court in British Columbia.

Note that pursuant to Rule 69 (12) and Rule 69 (6) of the Supreme Court Rules, the only documents that require signatures and cannot be electronically filed are Orders, Affidavits, and Certificates of Pending Litigation.

If you are not a customer of BC OnLine, go to https://justice.gov.bc.ca/cso/index.do to use Court Services Online with a credit card.


eStrataHub lets you manage the entire strata document ordering process online. Ordering, delivery and payment from your desktop.

  • Save time, effort and money.
  • No photocopying, paper, couriers or pick-ups.
  • Gain control with alerts, messages & one click to information.
  • Simplified payment with BC OnLine.

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InspekTech - Vital Inspection™
We go there when you can't... photo inspections of real estate and almost any other asset.

  • We Verify Conditions: easily, as if you were there in person.
  • Impartial: fully trained Field Evaluators providing unbiased verification of actual conditions present.
  • Cost-effective: save on travel costs, optimize your work flow and then view the images/inspection online.
  • Convenient: join over 150,000 physical inspections we've already completed.

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Landcor - The Property Valuator™
Find out more than the property's assessment - find out the property's current market value in a matter of seconds! The Property Valuator, from Landcor Data Corporation, is the most accurate valuation tool in North America, trusted by many of Canada's leading banks, credit unions, and real estate professionals.


Landcor - Adjusted Value Profiler
If complete assessment information is important to you and your business then Landcor's Adjusted Value Profiler is the ideal product. This report provides detailed property information including the neighbourhood sales trend, and updates the property's assessed value using the jurisdiction's House Price Index.


Stewart Assyst Real Estate
Stewart Assyst Real Estate is an online solution that electronically links lenders to lawyers and notaries when processing mortgage transactions. Mortgage instructions from participating lenders are sent directly to your desktop. Reports are submitted electronically, without attachments or enclosures (in most cases).  Stewart Assyst Real Estate can also be used in combination with electronic registration.
Stewart Assyst Real Estate isn't designed to handle paper; it's designed to eliminate it. By simplifying the way mortgage transactions are instructed, processed and reported, Stewart Assyst Real Estate will significantly streamline your office workflow.  With Stewart Assyst Real Estate, the next generation of mortgage processing is here.


Atsource Mortgage Discharge
The Atsource Discharge of Mortgage product is a secure, fast and efficient solution for Legal Professionals and Financial Institutions to complete the steps involved in discharging a mortgage at the BC Land Title Registry. Legal professionals can send a request for payout, receive a payout statement and receive a copy of the electronically filed discharge all within a secure web based environment. Both Legal Professionals and the Financial Institutions can monitor the progress of the discharge transaction in real time through BC OnLine. All steps are 100% computerized without the need for fax machines, printers or telephones.


Dye & Durham ETRAY
Dye & Durham's ETRAY is a web-based, electronic work tray that sits on your desktop and receives soft copies of your requests replacing the physical In / Out Registry Agent tray that would typically sit in the reception area or mail room. ETRAY allows you to order a full array of Registry Agent services for: Real Estate, Litigation, Due Diligence and Process Serving.

There is genuine time and cost savings to be had by using ETRAY over manual Registry Agent services. In addition to streamlining the search and filing process, ETRAY provides clients with access to their archived files anytime, anywhere, while cutting out the need for paper, postage and couriers.

Dye & Durham provides: Pre-inspection of documents by our Registry Specialists, Defect Guarantees, Access to Precedents, and Sharing of Errors and Omissions Liability.
For further details of our full service offering click here or call 604-833-9469 or email etray@dyedurham.com.


BC Assessment
Information about property and property assessments.


Manufactured Homes Registry
Information on manufactured homes in British Columbia. Qualified Suppliers have authority to maintain the Manufactured Homes data base through BC OnLine.


Rural Property Tax System
Property tax certificates for all rural properties in British Columbia.


Site Registry
Information retained by the provincial government on the environmental condition of property in British Columbia.


Personal Property Registry
Database of records which show charges such as liens, security interests, and encumbrances filed against personal property.


Corporate Registry
Information about companies, firms, and societies. Most filings for BC and Extraprovincial companies can be done electronically through BC OnLine.


Allows solicitors, notaries and title search companies to submit service requests to the British Columbia Vital Statistics Agency.